It’s National Bow Tie Day, But What Will You Wear?


National Bow Tie Day is August 28th. With a name like Bowtie Magician, you can imagine how excited I am. If you’ll be joining in the festivities for National Bow Tie Day, you should know how to celebrate!

Who needs a bow tie, anyway?

In short, everybody! The bow tie often takes a back seat to a long neck tie, but it shouldn’t. A good bow tie quite literally ties an outfit together. Just make sure you choose the right one.

Bow ties are known for their eccentricity at times, but the true art comes from knowing how and when to use a bow tie correctly.

As a general rule of thumb, a loud bow tie makes a great accessory to an otherwise plain outfit. Wearing plain or muted colors allows the bow tie to really shine and take it’s place in the spotlight.

However, the opposite is true too, and this is where most people mess up. If you are already wearing a shirt with vibrant colors, vivid details, or strong patterns, an eccentric bow tie will only make a mess of your outfit. In these cases, go for a basic bow tie. 

One solid color that matches another accent of the outfit can allow tie the outfit together without pulling the attention in too many places.

What if you can’t tie a bow tie?

Tying a bow tie is a great rite of passage for all bow tie aficionados, it is true. However, that does not mean you can’t wear a bow tie if you don’t know how to tie it.

A number of companies offer clip-on bow ties that look just as snazzy as the real deal if you aren’t ready to commit just yet. There are also other companies that will send you a pre-tied bow tie – just tighten it up and you are good to go.

You can also ask a friend or family member who knows how to tie one for some tips – just be sure you tell them it’s National Bow Tie Day so they can celebrate too!

If you like the look, you can always move on up to a standard bow tie and learn to tie it.

Are there any National Bow Tie Day related events?

While there are no official celebrations an August 28th for National Bow Tie Day, there are plenty of ways to celebrate.

Simply wearing a bow tie that day can help get spread a little joy throughout the day. You are sure to get some nice comments on your snappy tie, which gives you plenty of opportunities to spread the word.

There are also a number of social groups that meet up that day simply to celebrate bow ties. Thanks to technology we can meet with more people than ever. 

For example, a number of groups have sprouted up on Facebook over the years to celebrate the day, and they will always welcome another happy face. A quick search of your area may lead to one or more groups meeting up that day to bond over neck accessories.

If you can’t meet up physically, you can always join the festivities online. Adding a photo to social media and using the hashtag #NationalBowTieDay is sure to get you out to all the other bow tie aficionados out there. 

Don’t forget to surf the hashtag yourself and send some love to others as well…just try not to get bow tie envy. 

Most Importantly – have fun!

Whether you are wearing a bow tie for National Bow Tie Day or any other day, have fun with it! 

Know this: if you are tying your first knot, chances are it will be…terrible. That’s okay! Bow tie knots have a tendency to be imperfect. Even the seasoned bow tie-er will churn out slightly lopsided knots, and even the “perfect” knot has its imperfections. 

So if your knot is a little off, you are in good company. Chin up and let the world see! Don’t get too stressed over how your bow tie looks, the fact that you are wearing one is the important part.

If only for National Bow Tie Day on August 28th, or on every other day of the year, I hope you join me in celebrating the magic of the bow tie.

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