Seeing is believing

If you believe that seeing is believing, then this is the ideal magic experience for you. The size of the audience does not matter for strolling magic because Henok mixes and mingles with your guests as they become acclimated to the event setting. This is perfect for breaking the ice and offering a shared experience during wedding receptions, large conferences, cocktail hour and company parties/gatherings. Whether you are looking for Henok to warm-up the crowd for 30 minutes or up to 3 hours, strolling magic is customizable in order to achieve your event’s goals

Stand-Up Magic

A Compelling Experience

A style of performance that collectively grabs your audience’s attention. Stand-Up Magic can take place within your home, banquet room, corporate event, fundraiser or any setting holding 30-100 attendees. Stand-Up Magic is not merely a collection of clever tricks; rather it is a compelling experience where impossible instances that occur at the beginning of the show come together to make complete sense by the completion of the program. This style of magic is highly interactive, theatrical, and collaborative. This show is 45 minutes in length or customized to meet your unique event requirements.

Stage Magic

A Memorable Event

Do you have a unique event, with lots of attendees, deserving of individualized entertainment programming? Let Henok consult with you to develop a relevant, contemporary, magic and illusion performance that will meet the goals of your event while entertaining and delighting your guests. Perhaps you aim to create a memorable event to innovatively launch a product; break the ice before a seminar for VIP clients and staff; boost the energy during a full day conference or highlight a company theme during a symposium. Let Henok take the stage to deliver that message to your attendees. Stage Magic is usually reserved for audiences of 100 or more. Contact Henok to customize your professional, elegant, or celebratory eventt.