Fact or fantasy? 7 Fast facts about the world of magic

Henok Negash
Bow Tie Magician

In today’s advanced world, separating fact from fiction is easier than ever – or is it? 

The reality is, we all love magic in one form or another. From reading our favorite fairy tales to seeing a magician in a bow tie perform magic in front of our very eyes!

Even things like CGI and science bring us modern forms of magic and illusion, meaning the art of magic is more expansive than ever! Here are 7 fast facts about magic, its roots, and what is in store for the future.

Fact: Magic is thousands of years old

While card tricks or Las Vegas illusions come to mind when we think of magic, the art is thousands of years old. The first notable magicians were Persian priests called magi. In fact, the word “magic” comes from the Greek term, mageia, meaning enchantment or wizardry.

Fact: Hermann the Great created “the magic look”

When we think of magicians, we may also think of a man in a sharp suit pulling a rabbit from his top hat. This is no mistake! The look was made famous by Alexander Herrmann, or “Herrmann the Great”, who was one of the earliest world-renown illusionists. The great Cardini further cemented this look by wearing a sharp suit, white gloves, and top hat while performing his act and during filmed performances and the look sticks years later.

Fact: Magicians never reveal their secrets….sort of.

The old adage “A magician never reveals their secrets” was more of an insurance policy than a way to add to the mystique. In the early days of performance magic, there was no internet to turn to. There were no guidebooks or how-to’s that could show a person how to perform even the most basic parlor tricks.

This meant the only source of this knowledge was the magician themselves. So in the early years, if a magician showed someone how he did the trick, he may as well give up his whole act! It was very hard for beginners to get into the business. Many magicians never revealed their secrets other than to a few close assistants.

Fact: There are countless magic organizations

There are a number of collectives and organizations devoted to magic these days, such as The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and the Academy of Magical Arts, which is home to the Magic Castle in Hollywod, CA. The oldest of them is the Society of American Magicians. At one point, Harry Houdini was its president. 

There are countless other organizations, from those devoted to illusionists and mentalists, to those who focus on black magic. 

Fact: Modern magic has nothing to do with the occult

In the old days, anything the average person could not explain was tossed under the umbrella of “magic”.

While it is true that the earliest magi also seemed to commune with spirits or look to the stars for answers, modern magic has nothing to do with the occult. 

Practices such as astrology and tarot reading have their own genre and following, but now we understand magic more. 

The average person knows that every part of the magicians act they see uses explainable tactics such as sleight of hand or suggestion to create their magic. The important part is that the act is entertaining and brings something new to the table. 

Fact: Magic is on its way out

Magic is on its way out, but not in the way you think!“The late Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, once said that ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’. Cell phones, apps, and computer programs can perform some magic tricks that boggle the brain.” Magic is evolving now more than ever, and even computer programs can perform some basic magic tricks that boggle the brain.

It’s the term “magic” that is on its way out. In the early days, calling anything unknown “magic” would suffice. Therefore, anyone that performed magic was simply a magician. Now, there are countless different classes of magicians. From illusionists to street mentalists, most performers are picking up new terms to help people identify their act.

Fact: Magic is fun!

This may be the most important aspect of magic, it is fun for everyone, it’s a fact!

From the performers to the audience, and even the people trying so hard to figure out the trick or explain what the magician did, there is no doubt that everyone is having fun and exploring the world of magic in their own way.

As a beginner starting out, there is no feeling like pulling off your first magic trick. And this feeling only grows! Even after years of performing, the look on someone’s face when you show them a trick for the first time is second to none!

That’s 7 facts about magic down – and a whole world of magic to explore! https://www.HENOKENTERTAINMENT.COM